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Welcome to CSL!

We provide Conference Translation Services, Interpreters and Translators in the Eastern Africa Region below.

  • Tanzania
  • Rwanda
  • Democratic Rep of Congo
  • Uganda
  • Burundi
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    To maintain our leading role as providers of excellent, most efficient and affordable fully-digital Simultaneous Interpretation Systems, Public address (PA) Systems and all inclusive conference management services. "Customer satisfaction is our business".

    We brings the latest state-of-the-art technology to the simultaneous interpretation field with a system capable of transmitting more language channels of high quality digital audio. For multilingual conferences, we provide the most user friendly fully digital distribution system on the market.

  • Our Objectives!

    To eliminate the hindering block for exchanging ideas amongst people with different lingual and social backgrounds.

    Starting from a solid framework based on our core values and professionalism, we guarantee a total success at any event we organize whatever its size.

    • Venue set-up and supervision (staging and decorations);
    • On site registration of the conference delegates
    • Provision of the secretarial support and logistics support during the conference
    • Ensure the smooth running of the conference and supervision of the conference staff;
    • Organizing safari program (itinerary) and guided tours for conference participants;
    • Preparation and supervision of social activities and leisure activities i.e. Organizing of the reception/gala dinner and social programmes
    • Transport arrangement for delegates, ground transfers etc.
    • Travel bookings and re-confirmations;
    • Carrying out any extra assignment given by client for the success of the conference whenever necessary.

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    To establish long lasting relationships by bringing to every event our wealth of experience and finely tuned attention to detail in all aspects so that our clients receive full value of their call on us.

    We are What we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act , but a habit.

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      : Setting and achieving continually higher standards. Excellence is our habit not an act.

      Total customer satisfaction

      : Addressing the customer needs to the best of our ability.

      Efficient Communication

      : CSL has good communication facilities i.e. email, fax, Internet and mobile phones. We are 24 hours on-line on our hot lines.


      : Thinking creatively and acting on ideas. Successfully we portray the corporate images, build identities and create awareness.


      : Keeping our commitment and our words.

      Quality service

      : We provide significant and value added services to our clients.

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